About Me

                                                                               Political Affiliations:                                             As a young inventor / composer / artist and literary writer; I found no support from the local community of Howell, Michigan. Legal and political representation was not available to me through (1998 ) in the State of Michigan. I did not have access to the courts for legal resolve. I was never given access to media outlets (radio, print, TV) to run for Office of President in (1995-96) campaign year. No effort was made on behalf of my requests for a Congressional Investigation into multiple counts of corruption including the theft of the Angle Head Tooth Brush design by Johnson & Johnson Inc., in (1974) In addition, investigation was requested concerning the issue with NASA involving the theoretical Design of the Space Shuttle also created in (1974) and contracts involving Johnson & Johnson Inc. Fraudulent Patent Applications were accepted and issued to parties in connection with the Space Shuttle Design.                                                                                     Democrats and Republican representatives at the State & Federal levels did not intervene on my behalf for legislative concerns or rider bills which would have helped to establish new competitive industries and federal funding for R&D into new transportation for land, air, sea, and space. An economic package presented to then (R) rep. Dick Chrysler was disregarded. A package that would have established a new competitive industry in crossover transportation. Carl Levin (D) rep. disregarded my call for intervention as did then-President Bill Clinton and the Dept. of Justice.                                                                                                   The issues continued in the State of Alabama over the course of the past 16 years dating back to (1998 ) with the Republican Majority. I was denied access to the Federal Courts and I was denied proper legal representation involving (9) Fed. Lawsuits filed in 2010, in Montgomery, Alabama. Failure of the court and the Dept. of Justice to intercede on multiple counts of Anti-Trust / Commerce Trade Law / Monopoly Control lawsuits involving multiple parties, and corporations over the course of five decades also denied me the option of obtaining a public record of accounts and statements by the named defendants. This has violated my Constitutional Rights and my First Amend. Rights. It has created a paradox that compromises my ability to establish new commerce trade and to publish my literary works based on factual accounts. The works titled, "Blasphemy of a Nation," copyright 2010 by me, William Bowhall is an established work based on the accounts involving the subject matter associated with those legal issues. No action has been issued on my behalf by my Republican representatives involving legislative concerns submitted to multiple reps. I have recently submitted requests for legislation and investigation into issues of censorship involving media outlets and the internet during this campaign year (2015),                                                                                            I am committed to the issue of a 3rd Party (non-traditional) Independent and the cause for such representation at both the State and Federal levels. I believe a 3rd Party contingency is needed and that legislation is needed to amend the U.S. Constitution to provide equal access, equal representation and justice through the Office of 3rd Party Independent representation focused on the needs of the Labor Class and the low-income portion of society. I do not believe in a larger Federal Government and that the current Federal oversight should be downsized.            I am an advocate of equal rights and anti-abortion laws except for cases of rape or incest. In which case, a much stricter enforcement of justice must be implemented against the parties involved.                                                                                                                    The United States should offer limited access to those seeking refugee status and that such persons be allowed refuge status for a limited time only. Such persons would be required to return to their homeland with the necessary training to help in re-introduction process. Those seeking citizenship should be allowed if they provided necessary documents required by U.S. laws and customs. I am a great grandson of a Canadian immigrant and I do not support closing down the borders I am also the only child who carries my Sir Name and who was born of a first generation German / Jewish mother immigrant in (1959).                                                          
I am an advocate of Green Energy and I support new infrastructure development which involves this goal. I also support environmental efforts to curb carbon emissions and ocean pollution.               I do not support Nuclear Weapons buildup or storehousing. I am the only Presidential Candidate who has stated this issue in writing following the GOP 47 letter to Iran, see my Facebook notice published in March / April of 2015. My platform issues are also published. Additional notices are also available. You can also view my Twitter Page @MasterDunsel. Click on my photo image to pull up all published articles under #OvalOffice.