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 I am a born again Christian baptized in 1984. I am a Protestant who follows the teachings of the New Testament will of God. I accept the fact that the Old Testament has come to completion and has been fulfilled in all issues as it applies to God's covenant with Abraham. I accept the Old Testament as a reflection of historical accounts and that the customs of that era is no longer binding in our worship of God. I believe that God has called us to join him in a relationship with Christ Jesus who bore our sins on the cross at Calvary. That no one shall enter the kingdom of God but through Christ Jesus and that no prayer is heard unless it is offered to God in Christ's name.                                                                        I see the political / religious theology of Muslims as a threat to the United States and other countries. I also view the teachings of Mohammed to be that of the Anti-Christ and therefore, a threat to all Christians. In addition, I view all religions and those who partake of such practice as graven image worship in the course of their worship to God as seen in their personal lifestyle to be an abandonment of Christs teachings found in the New Testament.                                                                                                                                  I do not accept homosexual marriage as being lawful or a religious right. Such laws which have been initiated by the Supreme Court is unlawful and such legal issues are in violation of the moral foundation established by the founders of the U.S. Constitution and such laws that were in effect at the time of the original 13 colonies. Such moral code of conduct was established before the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Such laws have not been overturned by the courts, but rather, they have been disregarded by the courts.                                                                                                  I endorse the right to life of unborn infants in all matters with the exception of rape or incest. In such cases, I believe stricter punishment needs to be implemented on all parties who are involved and who have been instrumental in the outcome that leads to an abortion and assault on the female victim and unborn child. In such matters, a death sentence must be enacted on the perpetrators of such acts. Punishment must fit the crime and DNA testing must be mandatory in all cases.
My field of study was in architecture / drafting while attending high school (1974-78). I continued to study this field during my first year in college where I also took up telecommunications / broadcasting, music, and business under the Liberal Arts Program at Lansing Community College in Michigan. During my time in high school, I was able to contribute in various creative endeavors with music collaborations with Bob Segar and Kiss in (1974). I also contributed to science and to the aerospace technology industry with the creation and the theoretical design of the Space Shuttle developed by NASA (1974), The accreditation of these accomplishments were withheld from me. Both issues involve Johnson & Johnson Inc., who was involved in the intellectual theft of the Angle Head Tooth Brush design created by me in (1974) and who was also contracted with NASA in association with the Space Shuttle Program.                                                                                      I was also a member of the High School Athletic Program and was active in Football & Baseball. I was not able to continue to participate in sports  after high school. I did not receive any scholarship awards to four-year colleges and I could not afford to attend them on my own. I was never informed about NCAA rules and regulations concerning time stipulations for entering a four-year college and their athletic programs. This information came after the fact.                                                                                                                                 I continued to engage in collaboration efforts with musical artists such as Bob Segar on the Against the Wind (1977-78) Album and later with Michael Jackson in (1982) of which the Album and title song "Thriller" was initially conceived and later published in (1984). This collaboration was made possible with the help of Ronald Regan, whom I requested his assistance in contacting Michael Jackson for a project. In addition, other notable groups such as Guns & Roses with "Sweet Child -o- Mine." These are a few of the individuals and groups I have worked with. It should be noted that no compensation or credit has been issued for my part in these intellectual works.                                                                                   I am currently trying to publish rough draft musical compositions that remain unpublished since 1988-89, I am also working on an autobiographical screenplay titled: "Blasphemy of a Nation," copyright 2010. It is a true story of factual accounts detailing corruption in the United States which continues to threaten the Constitutional / Civil Rights of a U.S. Citizen and the welfare of this nation. It is an ongoing story and dilemma which has occurred over the past five decades and spans two centuries.                                                                                                                            
My service to this nation was short as I chose to end my agreement with the U.S. Air Force during my two week stay at Lackland Airforce Base in El Paso, Texas in (1978), There was a conflict of interest that developed involving immoral homosexual conduct witnessed by me which is contrary to the impression I was given by my recruiter concerning ethical issues and cohesive living conditions. The actions of a few along with other contingencies involved indicated that my intellectual properties would be at high risk as well as, other social conditions which gave way to trust concerns and health concerns also. I was not aware of, nor had I ever been instructed on the matter of Copyrights and Patents. I did not have the financial means to obtain such protections had I been told about these options. This status was due to the ongoing corruption and intellectual theft that occurred involving all prior works up to 1978.                                                                                   I took an oath to defend this nation against all threat foreign, or domestic. I saw a threat taking place against this person's Constitutional / Civil Rights and a threat was taking place against my Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness without access to the courts and without any legal or political representation. This issue continues to this day. 
My selection for job status was to be an Aircraft Mechanic. This would have helped me in my goals to establish a credible aircraft manufacturing company and my own Research and Development on a unique airfoil design I created in (1964) at the age of four years. 
My sacrifice to this nation was my future and livelihood and my reputation. I took a stand against the D.O.D. and the U.S. Air Force, as a statement and as a strike against the immoral conduct that took place at Lackland Air Force Base.