Sole Owner of Pegasus Tech. Ltd.

Established 2012

Small business  Research & Development having a primary focus on new advanced airfoil designs with cross-over applications to land, air, sea and space transportation. Interest is in commercial and military aerospace applications and supportive infrastructure objectives for alternative and competitive (new) industries.
This design feature has a history dating back to (1964) when it was created by me at four years of age. I have  studied the applications of this new unique aerospace design which can carry over 14 times its own mass weight. The general feature alone separates it from all other aircraft capabilities. It can employ a minimal fixed wing structure for assistance in flight, however, it is not a necessary component which makes it unique, unlike all others. The unique design allows for the inclusion of detachable passenger and cargo compartments serving as recovery submersibles which can assist in deep ocean crash conditions. In addition, similar rudder systems can be employed for a surface-to-subsurface naval vessel for ocean transportation purposes. This feature will also allow ground transportation the option of sustained flight capabilities. Incorporation of New Infrastructure will need to be developed for use as a commercial means for integration of land to air transportation. Research & Development also includes a cost effective approach to Space Transportation Applications, it can serve as multi-detachable Space Station for mining, research & recovery, fueling, and re-entry aircraft to Earth or other planetary bodies. Federal funding is critical for support of this research. Private Foundations who are interested in promoting this new technology for industrial applications should contact me directly for additional information.